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studio 3

A Custom built room ideal for bands and music groups of up to 6 members. This 'floating' room has been professionally sound-proofed from exterior noise. Naturally it is a fairly 'loud' sounding room from within so not necessarily suitable for all bands for rehearsals. 

This room also doubles up as a live room for the Recording Studio

(Backline can be swiched between rooms with proir notice)


Drum Kit

Pearl Export

Bass Amp
Hartke 3500
Bass Cab

Ampeg B-Series 4x10

Guitar Amps

Vox AC15

Marshall 4x10  Cab

Marshall Valvestate 2x12


Shure Beta/SM58 x 5

Shure SM57 x 2

Sennheiser e602 (Kick)

ART DI Box x 2



Allen & Heath GL2400

24 Ch

6 Aux


HK Audio Premium Pro 15" Wedges

JBL 1x15 Drum Fill


Lexicon MX200 FX Unit

DBX XL266 Comp/Gate x 2

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