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The control room

Our acoustically designed control room has been tailored to suit a variety of musical styles.  With 3 sets of monitor speakers and an array of outboard processing we can spice up any recording weather it be recorded here, in another studio or in your bedroom.


The console

Audient Aztec

48 Channels of pure Analog warmth, massess of headroom, super satisfying British EQ, hundreds of routing options - this old school console does it all.   Audient are a great manufacturer and are extreamley helpful in assisting their customers, we recommend both from an audio and human perspective.


3 set of monitors from a deluxe set of B&W 804s to a classic pair of Yamaha NS10s - We have all the frequencies covered with this arrary of speakers.

Headphone wise were all German, Beyer Dynamic DT100's and 770 Pro's giving us a combination of the old and the new to fine tune your mixes.



Compression from super sharp digital XTA C2s to simple classics of the DBX 160A, effects from Yamaha SPX 990/900s to Roland 330s and a Strymon Timeline - we have all bases covered to help bring your mixes to life

valve specials

Our good friends over at Juansolo Pedals on Emmly Moor have hand crafted these limited edition vavle pre amps for us, from the super clean 'Big Baby' to the gerth of Soldano Inspired 'Atomic'

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