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48 ch / 96 kHz HD

48 channels of simultaneous recording, at a crisp 96KHz sample rate through our Audient Aztec analog console and MOTU 24 i/o convertors will give you a warm yet precise recording of your audio.  

From full band album production to 2hr vocal overdub sessions, our studio and live rooms are more than capable of housing you and your creative ambitions.  

We have an array of microphones in store for you as well as all the drums, amps and guitars that you may need additional to your regular set up.


Here you can see Luke setting up the Genista Kit w/ George from 'Kilnsey Green'  for their single 'Victoria'

the differences in sound between the two live rooms are huge, neither 'better' than the other but two vastly different sounding spaces covering the super dry to the soaking wet in terms of natural reverb.  


We really like to take advantage of these spaces and the number of recording channels we have to hand, once a session is set up we always like to throw a mic or two out in a random place to capture a new part of the room.

Studio 3 is definitely at the dry end of the spectrum and is really suited to a more focused sound.  Here is a shot from a rather abstract session involving Daniel Cooper and Mark Yates (Guitarist, Terrorvision)

live recording is often the method of choice for bands who use prospect studios recording facilities, this style of recording has many advantages for bands who are used to only playing live.   There is a raw energy that comes from musicians playing in the same room together that simply can't be re created with a layered recording.  

Typically recorded from STudio Two as this room has enough space separate and baffle off each musician away from one another to avoid spillage from mic to mic across the room.  This means that practically we can record the backbone of a band 'live'  and then overdub elements such as lead parts or Vocals.

We also offer a super basic version of this for original bands who are wanting to hear new songs back for the 1st time, a pair of stereo miss in the room along with the basic channels of your rehearsal will be combined and mixed for you whilst you rehearse.

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