Prospect Studios have had many bands and artists through its doors, here are some of those names who have graced us with their presence over the past couple of years....

Black Falcon


kilnsey green

Full Broadcast Quality Recording & Production.

Bradford's Kilnsey Green spend a lot of time and focus on their productions, resulting in high quality songs & records...

james dernie

Solo Artist Production

James Dernie hails from the Isle of Mann, due to the COVID-19 outbreak he was unable to visit us in person for the production.

So we turned this ideas into a full  tracks for him! 

All parts recorded in house by our engineer/musicians.



Kintsuku sent over a demo of this track for some initial advice & opinions,  the result was to mix it at Prospect.

All the audio was taken from her original bedroom recordings...


Full Broadcast Quality Recording & Production

Rock, Rap, Metal and Punk all thrown together to create a lot of noise. Nobody sounds like Ghostwriters. 


Bingleys very own musical maestros...

brogan lacey

Solo Artist Production

The very talented vocalist Brogan Lacey came to the studio with an idea for covering Blondie's 'Call Me'.

We turned this idea into a full alternative production....

the alpine movement


Bradford music ledgends The Alpine Movement brought their album to be mixed at Prospect Studios. 

This is being mixed right now - check back soon!



Full Broadcast Quality Recording & Production.

UK hard rock band Black Falcon came and recorded their debut album here after a sucessfull Pre-Production session earlier in the year.  


This two stage method makes a huge difference to the quality of the final product

Full Broadcast Quality Recording & Production

Bradford rockers Chiang recorded their debut EP with us and even comnandeered Stevie 'Badger' Hind of Prospect Studios as their drummer throughout this time. 

Recorded layered but with a very live feel, tracking the drums with all members in the same room before overlaying the guitars and vocals for real



Full Broadcast Quality Recording & Production

Blus legend Angelo Palladino came to Prospect Studios with a vision of an alternative Blues album with his good friend and highly talented Chris Taylor. 


Recorded in a very live situ and 'of the moment' - the only way to truly record someone like Angelo.


Into The Silence (Album)

Black Falcon - Turn Around And Face The Sun (Album)

Kilnsey Green - EP / Victoria (Single)

Angelo Paladino - This Be Blues (Album)

Terrorvision - Our Christmas Song (Demo)

Chang - EP

Ghostwriters - The Highlife (EP)

GRDNS - Secret Garden (Single)

Peoples of Earth - EP


Cieran Miller & Andy Ruddy - EP

Pangolin (Backing Vocals)

Stig of the Dub - Drums

NGOD (Drums)

Fighting Caravans

Do Miss America (Drums)

The Mexanines

St Somebody

Disco Machine Gun

Vandal Supreme




Kilnsey Green


Glass Mountain

Inder 'Goldfinger' Matharu

Lemn Sissay


Malibu Stacey

The Big Party Band

Planet Soul




Born Avoid

Spandau Ballet Experience

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