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We pride ourselves on having the best possible rehearsal set ups,   large spaces with top notch equipment set up in a way to suit you.  Weather you be gearing up for a tour or fretting about first ever show, we have the space for it.  


With three independent, isolated and truly unique rooms - we believe to have all bases covered with music rehearsals.  Each room has a very individual sound to it, apart from size none can be classed as superior to the others - its a case of trying them all and see which suits your set up and sound the best.

Monitor system and backline are provided for you, although you are more than welcome to bring anything of your own.

Monitoring is provided in the form of a 24 Console (Soundcraft / Allen & Heath) and 4/5 wedge mixes depending on the room you are using.  We prefer to keep things as close to a gig scenario as possible so each monitor is independent from one another.  Each wedge send has its own graphic EQ so the sound of each position in the room can be hand crafted to suit you.  There is also a 2ch FX unit and basic compression in each.

Most of the backline is interchangeable between rooms with prior notice. Each room comes with 4/5 piece drum shell (Pearl Exp / Premier Genista / Ludwig Accent) and stands, bass rig and guitar amps.   


We try to have at least two guitar cabs and or combo amplifiers, bass rigs compromise of 4x10 cabs and Ampeg / Trace Elliot or Hartke heads.

solo artists can take advantage of our discounted rates and use studio 3 as a writing room.  


During quieter times and in between band rehearsals we have the luxury of offering out mid-sized room, Studio 3, out for a discounted rate to solo artists and duos looking for a quiet space to collect their thoughts and begin the process of writing new material in a focus space.

Locking yourself in here for an hour or two can really inspire you to open up your creative mind.

engineers on site and ready to help, weather it be to grab the other side of your cab or to sound check your entire band - our in house engineers are always here to assist you in setting up  your rehearsals.  Once we have met you a couple of times we can pre-set the room to your liking.

Staff are all highly experienced engineers but on top of the fact that we are musicians first and foremost.  We get what you are after and why.

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