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Prospect Studios offer a range of recording packages and styles of production which we are happy to discuss with you to suit your projects requirements, as an indication we have listed the basic hourly rates we offer for our services below:

RECORDING: £28 per hour (Engineer incl.)
DAY RATE (8hr): £200 (Engineer incl.)

Recording sessions typically use the Control Room and Studio 2,  these spaces can be used for a number of recording styles.

LIVE RECORDING - Suitable for cover bands looking for gigs, and for original artists who are still finding their sound. 

This style of recording is fully multi-tracked but is set up in a live format, with all musicians in the same performance space.  Although not as clean and clinical as Layered Recording, a live session can be extremely useful and cost effective. On average you can get 4-5 tracks done in about 5 hours (incl. Set Up / Recording / Mixdown).

BROADCAST RECORDING - Suitable for original artists looking for the very best production for their recordings.  Either semi-live or individually layered this is a high quality recording method panned out and tailored for each artists requirements.

MIXING: £22 per hour

In house mixing is priced at £22 per hour,  although discounts and package deals are available.

Usually performed by our in house engineers & producers and monitored by the artist at various stages.

If you are/have an experienced engineer of your own who you would prefer to mix your tracks this can be arranged for a slightly reduced rate.

REHEARSALS: £12 / £14 per hour

Each of our 3 studios are available to hire as a rehearsal space from £12 per hr.

Each room has been acoustically treated and isolated from the other spaces to give you the best experience possible.

The price includes all backline & PA equipment required, although you are welcome to bring any of your own amps etc if you wish!

Our audio repair centre can diagnose and repair most items.  £20 inspection charge.

Parts & Labour additional, subject to quote.

REPAIRS: from £20 per item

Instrument & Amplifier servicing is available via our repair centre.

Guitar/Bass - Strip down/ Clean / Electrical contact service / Truss-Rod adjustment / Intonation & Action setting & Re-string.

Amplifiers - Strip down/ Clean / Electrical contact service & Test

SERVICING: from £20 per item